About Us

Based in New York, Top Admission Consulting (“TAC”) is a leading global education consulting company that works with students from around the world in gaining admission to colleges where they can truly thrive, both intellectually and personally.

We are dedicated to helping students achieve more than what they thought was possible. By working with each student on a one-on-one basis, we’re able to provide the unparalleled personal attention required to help them maximize their potential. We believe that each student has unique abilities that when unlocked, will ultimately move our world forward.

Over the years, we’ve met many students who are incredibly intelligent and motivated. However, given the complexity of the current education system, many students lack the appropriate strategy required to achieve admission into their dream school. Therefore, at TAC, we help students navigate the murky road by:

  • Customizing and executing on a holistic strategy that encompasses academics, standardized testing, extracurricular activities, and summer activities.
  • Helping students package their college applications to showcase their unique attributes and accomplishments through their essays, resume, recommendation letters, interviews and more.

We hope to help students achieve admission into their dream college. But more than that, through one-on-one mentorship, we hope to help students develop their critical thinking and analytical abilities in order to succeed at school, in their college applications and beyond.

“I really appreciated the fact that my counselor was really efficient. I came to her about three weeks before college apps were due. She spent days and nights helping me prepare my applications. She would always respond quickly to any questions I had. I ended up getting into all of my top schools!”

Student J