Architecture Programs for Students in 8-12th Grade (Summer 2023)

An Architecture summer program for students can offer a range of learning opportunities that can help students grow and develop in several ways. Some of the key things students can learn from these programs can include:

  • Design Process: An architecture summer program provides students with hands-on experience in the design process, from conceptualizing an idea to creating drawings, models, and prototypes. This exposure to the design process can help students understand how architecture is created and developed.
  • Technical Skills: Students can learn technical skills, such as drafting, model-making, and use of design software, which are important for architectural design and visualization. These skills can be useful for students in their future academic and professional pursuits.
  • Collaboration: Architecture summer programs often require students to work in teams, providing them with the opportunity to learn about collaboration and teamwork. This experience can help students develop important communication and interpersonal skills that will be valuable in any career path they choose.
  • Understanding of History and Culture: Many architecture summer programs offer courses that explore the history and cultural significance of architecture. This knowledge can help students understand how architecture reflects the values and beliefs of different cultures and how it has evolved over time.
  • Career Paths: Architecture summer programs can also provide students with information about career paths within the field of architecture. This exposure can help students determine if architecture is the right career path for them, and also provide them with information about what to expect in their future education and career.

Participating in an Architecture summer program can be a valuable learning experience for students. It can provide them with hands-on experience, technical skills, and exposure to the design process, as well as provide them with a deeper understanding of architecture and its role in society. These experiences can help students grow both personally and professionally, and prepare them for future academic and career pursuits.

Here is a list of our top summer Architecture programs for students in 8-12th grade.

(Note: you can sort the table by cost, grade…etc. to find the program that best fits your needs)

Program NameStudent GradeCostDeadlineProgram TypeMonthProgram Website
Auburn University: Architecture Camp11, 12$905 1-Apr-23In PersonJune, JulyLearn More
Colorado State University: Women in Construction Management Summer Institute10, 11, 12$25 feeMarch 15, 2023 (Priority Deadline)In PersonJuneLearn More
Cornell Architecture11, 12$1,680 OnlineJuneLearn More
Georgia Tech: Pre-College Design Program11, 12$2,500 Rolling admissionIn PersonJune, JulyLearn More
LSU: Architecture Camp10, 11, 12$930 Rolling admissionIn PersonJuneLearn More
Mississippi State: Architecture Summer Camp: Design Discovery10, 11, 12$700 15-May-23In PersonLearn More
Norwich University: Summer Design Academy10, 11, 12$850 31-Mar-23In PersonJulyLearn More
Roger Williams University: High School Summer Academy in Architecture11, 12$3,300-$5,50015-Jun-23Multiple OptionsJuly, AugustLearn More
RPI: Summer Architecture Career Discovery Program11, 12$1,200 Rolling admissionOnlineLearn More
Syracuse: Summer College Architecture Course11, 12$2,985 1-May-23OnlineJuly, AugustLearn More
UMass Amherst: Sumer Design Academy10, 11, 12$2,160-$4,822Rolling admission. Final deadline: June 1Multiple OptionsJulyLearn More
University of Arkansas: Design Camp8, 9, 10, 11, 12$400-$1,650; (Virtual camp is free)Multiple OptionsJuneLearn More
University of Tennessee Knoxville: Summer Design Camp9, 10, 11, 12$1,075 In PersonJulyLearn More
Washington University in St. Louis: Architecture Discovery Program11, 12$3,915 15-Apr-23In PersonJulyLearn More
Wonderworks and University of Houston: From the Ground Up10, 11, 12$1,000 10-Jun-23In PersonJune, JulyLearn More