Average SAT Scores at Top Colleges

The SAT is a standardized test that serves as a common measure of college readiness. Students, parents, and educators often focus on the average SAT score as a benchmark for college admissions. The SAT is divided into two main sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. Each section is scored on a scale of 200 to 800, with the combined score ranging from 400 to 1600.

When exploring prospective colleges, understanding the range of SAT scores for previously admitted students can provide valuable insight into your likelihood of acceptance, even within the current climate where submitting test scores is often optional.

The below outlines the middle 50% of SAT scores at top national colleges, and top liberal arts schools. 

Average SAT Scores at Top Colleges Nationally

SchoolReading & WritingMathTotal SAT Score
Princeton University (NJ)760-780780-8001540-1580
MIT (MA)740-780780-8001520-1580
Harvard University (MA)720-780740-8001460-1570
Stanford University (CA)730-780770-8001500-1570
Yale University (CT)740-780760-8001470-1560
University of Pennsylvania730-770770-8001500-1570
Duke University (NC)730-770750-8001490-1560
Brown University (RI)730-780760-8001500-1560
Johns Hopkins University (MD)740-770780-8001520-1560
Northwestern University (IL)730-770760-8001500-1560
Columbia University (NY)730-780770-8001500-1560
Cornell University (NY)710-770750-8001470-1550
University of Chicago740-780770-8001510-1560
Rice University (TX)730-770760-8001510-1560
Vanderbilt University (TN)730-770760-8001490-1570
University of Notre Dame (IN)710-760740-7901450-1550
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor670-750680-7801350-1530
Georgetown University (DC)700-770690-7901410-1540
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill660-740660-7701330-1500
Carnegie Mellon University (PA)720-770770-8001500-1560
Emory University (GA)700-760730-7901450-1530
University of Virginia690-750710-7901400-1540
Washington University in St. Louis730-770770-8001500-1570

Average SAT Scores at Top Liberal Arts Schools

SchoolReading & WritingMathTotal SAT Score
Williams College (MA)730-780750-7901490-1550
Amherst College (MA)690-770670-7801480-1550
Pomona College (CA)730-770750-7901480-1540
Swarthmore College (PA)710-770730-7901455-1540
Wellesley College (MA)720-770710-7801440-1540
United States Air Force Academy650-730660-7501320-1470
United States Military Academy610-710610-7401230-1430
Bowdoin College (ME)670-760670-7801340-1520
Carleton College (MN)710-770720-7801430-1540
Barnard College (NY)720-770720-7801430-1530
Claremont McKenna College (CA)710-760730-7901450-1540
Grinnell College (IA)680-750700-7801410-1520
Middlebury College (VT)700-760710-7801420-1520
Wesleyan University (CT)660-750660-7601310-1505
Davidson College (NC)670-740680-7601360-1490
Hamilton College (NY)700-760720-7801440-1520
Harvey Mudd College (CA)720-770760-7901480-1560
Smith College (MA)700-760670-7601390-1500
Vassar College (NY)720-760710-7751440-1510
Colgate University (NY)690-750700-7801418-1510
Haverford College (PA)700-760730-7801410-1530
Washington and Lee University (VA)700-753710-7801410-1533
Bates College (ME)660-745650-7601340-1500
University of Richmond (VA)690-750710-7801425-1510