College TransferS

For Current College Freshmen or Sophomores

For students who are currently a freshman or sophomore in college and are looking to transfer to another school, we can help you package your transfer applications to showcase your attributes and accomplishments.

We help you stand out as a truly unique candidate by guiding you on a one-on-one basis across all aspects of the transfer application process including:

  • Selecting a comprehensive mix of transfer schools that best fit your intellectual, social, personal and financial goals
  • Planning your college visitation strategy in order to achieve the most out of the trip
  • Preparing essays that are eloquent, insightful and memorable. Given that the essays are one of the most important aspects of the transfer application, we’ll spend a significant amount of time helping you structure and fine-tune your essays
  • Crafting resumes that clearly and concisely showcase all of your accomplishments
  • Preparing for interviews with college admissions officers and alumni
"I didn’t get into my dream school, UT Austin, when I first applied. Then my counselor helped me with my transfer application and I was accepted! I think this was largely due to the fact that my counselor spent a lot of time editing my essays so that I could truly stand out"