Top Business Summer Programs for Summer 2024

As summer approaches, students from around the world are seeking opportunities to explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and get a taste of the real world. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit or an interest in the business world, summer business programs are a fantastic option. These programs not only offer insights into business fundamentals but also provide a platform for developing leadership skills and networking with like-minded peers. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top summer business programs that students can consider.

NameApplication DeadlineGradesCostMonthProgram TypeProgram Website
Acumen Academy Online Courses: Financial Statements 101OngoingAnyoneFreeOngoingOnlineLearn More
Barnard College: Athena Summer Innovation Institute (Women Only)Priority: February 9, 2024;
Final: April 15, 2024
10, 11, 12+$7,772-$9,687July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Baylor University: Microsoft Excel Certification TrainingOngoingAnyone$599 OngoingOnlineLearn More
Bentley University: Wall Street 101Until full11, 12$1,490-$3,180June, JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
BETA Camp: Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp15-Jun-248, 9, 10, 11, 12+$3,000-$3,950June, July, AugustOnlineLearn More
Boston Leadership Institute: Three-Week Business ProgramsUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$599-$5,000June, JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
Boston University: AIM: BusinessUntil full11, 12$5,512-$6,975July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Colorado State Unversity: Global Business AcademyEarly: February 1, 2024
Final: June 1, 2024
9, 10, 11, 12$3,750 JulyIn PersonLearn More
Colorado State Unversity: Venture ValidatorUntil full7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12$75 JuneMultiple OptionsLearn More
Colorado University-Boulder: Leeds KeyBank Business Leadership Program1-Apr-2412FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
Colorado University-Boulder: Leeds Women in Business Case Competition1-Apr-2412FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
Columbia University: Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship Summer ProgramsUntil full11, 12$2,700-$12,449+June, July, AugustMultiple OptionsLearn More
Conrad Challenge: Entrepreneurship Competition3-Nov-248, 9, 10, 11, 12$499 OngoingHybridLearn More
Dean College: Sports BroadcastingUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$1,450-$1,850July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Drexel University: Camp BusinessUntil full10, 11, 12To be announcedJulyIn PersonLearn More
EdX: UBCx: Introduction to MarketingOngoing8, 9, 10, 11, 12Free-$150OngoingOnlineLearn More
EHL Junior Academy: Pre-University CoursesUntil full10, 11, 123,900 CHFJulyOnlineLearn More
Envision: National Youth Leadership Forum in Business InnovationUntil full10, 11, 12$4,195-$4,245June, JulyIn PersonLearn More
EXPLO Pre-College: Entrepreneurship ConcentrationUntil full10, 11, 12$3,995-$7,895June, JulyIn PersonLearn More
Fordham University: Finance Institute: Wall Street in the Classroom1-Apr-249, 10, 11, 12$1,100 June, JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
Fordham University: Real Estate Institute Summer ProgramUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$995 June, JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
Foundation for Teaching Economics: Economics for LeadersEarly: February 7, 2024
Final: April 10, 2024
11, 12$800-$2,300June, July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Georgetown University: Business AcademyEarly: January 31, 2024
Final: May 15, 2024
9, 10, 11, 12$4,025-$7,299July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Guilford College: Summer Institute: Exploring Topics in International Affairs & EntrepreneurshipEarly: December 31, 2023
Final: May 1st, 2024 or Until full
12$3,500-$5,100June, JulyIn PersonLearn More
Idealist: Action IncubatorOngoingAnyoneFreeOngoingMultiple OptionsLearn More
iD Tech: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, & Communication with Kellogg School of ManagementUntil full8, 9, 10, 11, 12+$1,499 OngoingOnlineLearn More
iD Tech: Intro to Investing - A Middle School Competition with Wharton Global YouthUntil full5, 6, 7, 8, 9$999 March, April, MayOnlineLearn More
Indiana University: Business Is Global14-Apr-2410, 11, 12$1,900 June, JulyIn PersonLearn More
Indiana University: Meet Kelley School of BusinessMar-2412FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
Kelley School of Business: Young Women's InstituteVaries by session12+FreeMarch, April, June, JulyIn PersonLearn More
LaunchX: Entrepreneurship Summer ProgramPriority: November 15, 2023
Final: April 24, 2024
9, 10, 11, 12$4,750-$9,970July, AugustMultiple OptionsLearn More
LEAD Program: Global Learning Institute15-Apr-2412$3,500 June, JulyHybridLearn More
LEAD Program: REEX JumpStart Scholars in Commercial Real Estate15-Apr-2411, 12$3,200 JulyIn PersonLearn More
Leangap: Startup LaunchUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$6,450-$9,450June, July, AugustMultiple OptionsLearn More
Loyola Marymount University: Global Sports and Entertainment Business ProgramUntil full10, 11, 12To be announcedJune, JulyIn PersonLearn More
Loyola Marymount University: Intro to EntrepreneurshipUntil full10, 11, 12To be announcedJulyIn PersonLearn More
MITx: MicroeconomicsOngoing9, 10, 11, 12FreeOngoingOnlineLearn More
MITx Online CoursesOngoing8, 9, 10, 11, 12FreeOngoingOnlineLearn More
NAIOP-Drexel Summer Program22-Mar-2411, 12FreeJulyIn PersonLearn More
National Student Leadership Conference Summer Programs: Business & EntrepreneurshipUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$3,795-$4,095JuneIn PersonLearn More
Pace University: Global Business & EconomyUntil full11, 12$3,700 JulyIn PersonLearn More
Penn State University: Business Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS)22-Mar-2412$50 JuneIn PersonLearn More
Quinnipiac University: Public Relations and Social Media BootcampUntil full10, 11, 12$1,400-$1,680JulyIn PersonLearn More
Startup UCLA: Social Entrepreneurship Summer1-Jun-2411, 12To be announcedJune, July, AugustMultiple OptionsLearn More
Summer Springboard: Economics at OxfordUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$3,198-$6,098July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
Summer Springboard: UI/UX Design OnlineUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$1,798 July, AugustOnlineLearn More
Teach Me Wall Street: Wall Street 101, Investing & Trading, and CryptocurrenciesUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$850-$950June, July, AugustOnlineLearn More
Tufts University Pre-College: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp1-May-2410, 11, 12$4,000-$5,500JulyIn PersonLearn More
Tufts University Pre-College: Marketing EssentialsMay 1, 2024 or Until full10, 11, 12+$4,000-$5,500July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
UdacityOngoingAnyone$249-$846OngoingOnlineLearn More
Udemy: Complete Investment BankingOngoing8, 9, 10, 11, 12$25-$160OngoingOnlineLearn More
Udemy: The Complete Digital Marketing CourseOngoing8, 9, 10, 11, 12$30-$200OngoingOnlineLearn More
University of California-Berkeley: Business Academy for Youth: High School EntrepreneurshipMarch 17, 2024 or Until full9, 10, 11, 12$6,050-$7,050July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
University of California-Davis: Startup EntrepreneurshipUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$5,995 JulyIn PersonLearn More
University of California - Los Angeles Anderson School of Management Summer DiscoveryUntil full10, 11, 12$4,194-$14,099June, July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
University of Chicago: Voltage Scholars5-Mar-2411FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
University of Iowa: Gateway Summer ProgramTo be announced11FreeJune, JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
University of Kansas: KU Summer Venture in BusinessMarch 31, 2024 or Until full10, 11, 12FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Entrepreneurship: Becoming a Game ChangerUntil full10, 11, 12$2,167-$3,636July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Isenberg Business Ethics AcademyUntil full10, 11, 12$1,748-$3,454JulyMultiple OptionsLearn More
University of Michigan: Ross Summer Business Academy14-Jan-2412$5,000 JuneIn PersonLearn More
University of Nebraska: Discover Accounting8-Apr-2412+FreeMayIn PersonLearn More
University of Nebraska: DreamBig Academy8-Apr-2412+FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton Global Youth Program: Essentials of LeadershipPriority: March 6, 2024
Final: May 1, 2024
9, 10, 11, 12$4,099 June, JulyOnlineLearn More
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton Leadership in the Business WorldPriority: January 31, 2024
Final: April 3, 2024
12$10,999 June, July, AugustIn PersonLearn More
University of South Carolina: Adventures in MarketingUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$665-$1,150JuneIn PersonLearn More
University of Tennessee: Accounting & Information Management Academy29-Mar-2411FreeJulyIn PersonLearn More
University of Tennessee: Business Education for Talented Students29-Mar-2412FreeJune, JulyIn PersonLearn More
University of Tennessee: Supply Chain Management Summer Program29-Mar-2411, 12FreeJulyIn PersonLearn More
University of Texas-Austin: McCombs Summer High School ProgramsVaries by program11, 12FreeJuneIn PersonLearn More
University of the Pacific: Sports Analytics CampUntil full9, 10, 11, 12$3,500 JuneIn PersonLearn More
Wake Forest University: Finance and Investing InstituteUntil full10, 11, 12$2,800 JuneIn PersonLearn More
Washington University in St. Louis: BOLD@Olin Business SchoolUntil full11, 12$1,200 JulyIn PersonLearn More
Washington University in St. Louis: Olin Fleischer Scholars ProgramTo be announced11, 12FreeJulyIn PersonLearn More